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Rockclimbing and Abseiling

Rock climbing and abseiling in the same day on real rock – a double rock sports challenge!
Rock climbing is the ultimate outdoor activity for those who just love personal challenges If you thinking that this is too hard for you then think again. Our instructors will set up climbs to meet your personal challenge needs, that is, we will rig the ropes to ensure you are challenged at your own level.


Abseiling – accept the challenge! Abseiling, or ‘rappelling’, is basically a method of descending a rope in a safe, controlled manner. Of course, the rope is often hanging over a cliff face or dangling from an overhang!

Dolphin Sanctuary Kayaking Tour

Explore Adelaide’s own Dolphin Sanctuary and shipwreck heritage trail around Garden Island by sea kayak. On this kayak tour it is rare that we don't see the resident dolphins swimming and playing in the waters.