We are the premier adventure company in South Australia. Rock Solid Adventure has been running adventure programs in South Australia for over 15 years. Our owner and staff have climbed and paddled all over the world, and love bringing their own enjoyment of the outdoors to every experience. We aim to make sure that you can create your own memories through our adventures.

Our Staff

It goes without saying that our staff are fully qualified in their respective fields, but a qualified staff doesn’t guarantee a great instructor. We believe the ability of instructors to engage with their clients (That’s You) and impart passion is the biggest influence on the quality of your experience.

What really sets our staff apart is:

•Their personable and professional approach (every program, every day)

•Their enthusiasm for adventure (they get out there and do it themselves)

•Their depth of experience (hard to quantify, impossible to replace)

And most importantly…

•Their ability as amazing teachers, trainers and instructors